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Pipilotti Rist is a Swiss video artist whose work looks at issues of the human body, gender and sexuality. Much of her work is richly coloured and joyful, borrowing from the styles of mass media and the MTV generation.  She also uses humour is her image making.

She often incorporates her videos into sculpture and installations, projecting films into unexpected spaces, through small holes. The scale can be huge or minute.  Domestic settings are used to bring the fiction of screen into personal surroundings.

Pixelwald (Pixelforest), 2016

Enlight My Space [Erleuchte (und klaere) meinen Raum], 2008

Selbstlos im Lavabad (Selfless In The Bath Of Lava), 2011 is a video of Rist herself, naked and dancing in a projected pool of lava. She shouts up to the viewer “I am a worm and you are a flower”.  The video is played through a tiny hole in the floor.

Ginas Mobile, 2007 – projects a close up film of female genitalia onto a mobile balanced with a copper sphere.